What can I use the NILS loan for?  

Our program acknowledges that it is challenging for low-income families to cover the cost of major items. NILS enables them to avoid high interest loans, actually - no interest at all.

Items include white goods, car repairs tyres & registration, furniture, education expenses including computers and uniforms, health & dental expenses, other approved items.

  How is a NILS loan repaid?  

Payments are organised via your government payment or through a direct debit agreement via your your bank. Our maximum NILS loan is $1200, payable over 12 months.

You only pay back the exact amount that you borrowed - no fees, no interest.

  How do I apply?  

Contact us by phone or in person, they will explain the process and assist with your application.

We will help you develop a budget to confirm that the loan is affordable.

Some documents are required, e.g. evidence of your income, bank statements and residency status.

  All information is kept strictly confidential.    Contact us  
  Who is eligible?  

Loans are available for people who have:

Lived in their current home for at least 3 months, receive Centrelink payments or have a low income and have a willingness and a capacity to repay the loan over 12 months.

  This program cannot be used to borrow cash or pay off current debts.  
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