NILS - No interest loans scheme in the eastern Dandenong Ranges
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    What the loan is for    

The scheme acknowledges that it is very difficult for low income families to save the amount required for major essential items such as refrigerators or washing machines. NILS loans, up to $1500, enable people to buy brand new, energy efficient items with full manufacturer's warranty such as ...

  Refrigerators *      
  Washing machines *      
  Education or healthcare      
  Essential vehicle maintenace      
  Or other approved items      
  * Highly discounted prices plus rebates for some white goods       
    Can I use the loan for existing debts?    
    In general, our loans cannot be used to pay out other loans. We can however guide you to free financial counselling services who can help sort out your finances, consolidate debt, mediate with creditors and often help you access assistance schemes that you never knew existed.    
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