NILS - No interest loans scheme in the eastern Dandenong Ranges
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    What we do    
  The purpose of NILS is to provide local people, who are on low incomes, with flexible and affordable credit to replace essential household goods or other necessities. Sustantial rebates on selected items are available.  

There is an emphasis on environmentally responsible items.

There are no fees, interest or any other charges applicable. Credit history is not taken into account; rather, the main criteria is the ability to manage the repayment schedule.
  NILS are there to help families in need  
  In particular, if your circumstances change and you are forced to amend the repayment details then no penalties of any kind are incurred. This is different from most commercially based credit arrangements where huge additional costs are usually applied to contract variations.

In addition to the NILS area offices there are also several high street shop fronts called 'Good Money', including one in Dandenong, they offer a range of financial services.    More details
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    What's the catch?    
    None! this program run by people who care, to help those on low incomes avoid the very high interest loans that would otherwise be the only option.  Who we are    
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