NILS - No interest loans scheme in the eastern Dandenong Ranges
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Q - What hidden costs are there?

A - Absolutely none, no application fees, no administration costs and no interest.

Q - How does this scheme differ from hire purchase or "a year's free credit" and similar deferred payment plans offered by some retailers?

A - Firstly, if you use our recommended suppliers, you can save up to 30% on the price of many whitegoods items and secondly, you may qualify for a $100 subsidy from the State Government*

Q - How do I make payments?

A - Usually the payment is automatically deducted fortnightly, at source, from your Government benefits/pension/payments.

Q - I have a poor credit history, does this stop me from borrowing money?

A - Not at all, We need to be sure that that you can afford the repayments, that's all.

Q - What happens if my circumstances change and I cannot make a payment?

A - Simply contact your NILS coordinator, who will negotiate a new arrangement with you.

Q - I notice that documentation is required - isn't this a huge hassle?

A - Hopefully not, we really do try to keep bureacracy to a minimum.

Q - Although you promise confidentiality - how can I be sure?

A - We observe the strictest protocols to keep your details private, the only person that ever knows your situation is the case manager - no one else has access to the client records.

Q - What about loans for car repairs or expenses?

A - This is a hard one, we need to know that the expense can reasonably be expected to extend the road worthiness of the vehicle for the period of the loan, every situation is judged on its own merits.

Q - So, if I need a new washing machine, for example, does this mean I have a limited choice?

A - Absolutely not - we do have some impressive buying power however that will reduce the price of many models.

Q - Sounds all too good to be true, I've been bitten before, what's the catch?

A - Haven't we all! The scheme is designed to be straightforward, scrupulously honest and entirely above-board, no hidden clauses, no small print, just a genuine desire to help.

Q - What if I need more than $1500 or I need to purchase something that falls outside of the scheme?

A - Talk to us first, the NAB have an affordable loan scheme for low income households. StepUp Loans

  * The Dept of Sustainability have a scheme to subsidise purchases of refrigerators and washing machines (only).  
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